Node.js Web Application Development

Node.js is a great open-source platform to build fast, scalable and real-time applications. It comes in many packages and extensions, and is a high performance, low cost technology solution for business applications. It is lightweight, hence can be modified easily. Node.js is designed for cloud and a powerful platform to develop scalable mobile and web applications.


Nestweaver’s Node.js offerings

  • Node.js mobile and web applications
  • Migrate enterprise legacy systems to Node.js
  • Application development using MEAN, a full-stsack JavaScript framework
  • SEO friendly
  • Multiple sub-categories and products in each category
  • Easy error logging
  • Minimum load time
  • Cost effective

Real-time chat applications

Create real-time desktop standalone chat applications using Node.js

Application & system monitoring dashboard

Analyze each web request and pinpoint problems at the code level to find
bottlenecks and fix errors for a bug-free application

Web APIs

Allow us to build a RESTful web API using Node and Express 4

Real-time statistics display

Node’s real-time statistic display allows us to build a fantastic
multi-room chat for your business

AJAX development

We do AJAX development with jQuery

Custom application development

Use our custom application development services to build systems and
services that scale to meet ever increasing demand

E-commerce shopping cart development

E-commerce shopping cart development with Node.js is Nestweaver’s specialty.
So you can anticipate smooth payment and checkout
for your users.

Interactive application development

Our interactive application development services use the latest technology
to tailor-make node.js application for you

Portal development

We have ideal solution for your requirement of web portal/internal portal.

Content management tool

We use Substance for web-based content editing, Cosmic JS for cloud-hosted
content, Apostrophe and PencilBlue.

Plug-in development

Node plug-ins are optimally developed to give you a fully-functional and
impressive solution.

Why do you need Node.js development services?

  • Node.js works like a breeze in real-time applications
  • Saves loading time improving overall web performance
  • Builds highly scalable applications
  • SEO friendly
  • Best platform for chatting applications and multi-media games

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