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“Greater Digital Engagement Reducing your Operational Costs”

Insurers around the world are driving innovation through digitalisation . Nestweaver helps insurers create innovative channel experiences, drive mobile strategies, and support core insurance operations like agents/brokers assisted Enrollment, Consumer Self Service Enrollment and relationship management. Insurance companies, General Agencies rely on Nestweaver to deliver mobile and web applications that support the core insurance business, ensure high-quality customer service, enforce relationship with agents and partners, and boost sales and marketing.


Nestweaver works with the needs of healthcare industry customers and the requirements imposed by HIPAA regulations. Our experts work around-the-clock to analyze, plan, deploy and support suitable solutions to ensure that our clients run reliable and efficient systems.

Leverage our rapid app development platform to achieve benefits from greater digital engagement.

Bring Business and IT together to rapidly develop applications that:

  • Increase premium volumes
  • Expand distribution channels
  • Improve customer and broker loyalty
  • Reduce cost of service and support

Insurance Service Applications

Health Insurance

Users can find healthcare providers based on Individual/Family, Income, Age, policy coverage and location as well as access customer service options.

Supports Health,Dental

Webbrokers, General Agents, Producers can sell the Health, Dental, Supplemental Insurance plans from their existing websites

Sales App for Agents

Agents,Producer/Broker and Advisor can access the Quoting tools across any Devices.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Streamline processes and manage relationship with customers, agents and brokers using meeting,call,Notes & Attachment Features.

ACA Health Insurance Enrollment – Individual / SHOP

Helps ACA Webbrokers, General Agencies Determining eligibility and Enrollment of selected plan.SMEs can manage their policies, report and monitor claims, and receive quotes for new services.

Insurance Plan Simulator

A self-service and simplified way for customers and prospects to get new quotes.

Self-Service Mobile and Web Platform

Customers can manage policies and access Policy Information – from any device.


Features & Capabilities

  • Shopping & CRM support Collect personal info, offer purchase guidance cost comparison tools to make consumer-specific plan recommendations.
  • Enrollment Transmits enrollment data to FFM legacy systems or stored in our CRM platform.
  • Eligibility maintenance Centrally manage member eligibility with rules engine. Provides ongoing access to manage life events and change requests, integrated with internal systems.
  • Billing and payment facilitates bill presentation and fund collection from individuals, employers, includes premium billing, aggregation, and reconciliation. Connects to legacy billing platforms.
  • Member support including call centres.

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