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Augmented reality applications for wearables

  • Augmented reality integrates the virtual objects on the user environment in real-time. Unlike the virtual reality, that forms an entirely different environment, the augmented reality use the existing environment and superimposes the new information on the top of it.

Google launches app maker to build custom enterprise app

    • A low-code tool with drag and drop interface enables people without a lot of programming experience to create and deploy custom apps for their enterprise in a short span of time.

Introduction to IoT and how IoT and wearables are differentiated

Internet of things is an architecture connected to any physical body that
can able to connect with the internet. The thing in the IoT abbreviation
may be a person with the pulse.

Wearable Tech Is the Next Big Future of Modern Industries

The popular trend of adopting smart watches and growth of wearables
like fitness trackers, glasses, smart jewelleries and others increased the sales
of wearable devices.

Enterprise mobility management: A comprehensive guide

  • Enterprise mobility management is encompassing people, process, and technology to enable security and allow the user to access smartphones or tablets.

Advantages of native apps vs. hybrid apps

  • If you are confused in choosing between native apps or hybrid apps, this article will help you to find the right choice. Before beginning, let’s first learn the difference between hybrid application and native application.

Migrating Applications to the Cloud

Several organizations embark on the application migration to the cloud in order to
achieve higher scalability, performance, and cost-effectiveness. But cloud
migration is a complex process that requires careful planning and deliberation.

Top 3 iOS App Development Trends for 2017

Smartphones are an inseparable part of our lives. The role of mobile phones is widening as their advantages are invading our everyday life. The global revenue of mobile applications is anticipated to grow by 962.5% from 2011 to 2017.

Guidelines to help you in iOS App Development Process

  • Every day, the app developers will come across new challenges, especially in iOS app development, the developers should need to consider the essential points before beginning the development stages. Here are the important guidelines to assist you in the iOS app development process.

How to Build a Mobile App That Gets Million+ Downloads

  • How to Build a Mobile App That Gets Million+ Downloads

    Smartphones are the reliable gadgets with efficient features. Mobile phones help the owners to make their life simpler and well organized. It is undeniable that smartphones are becoming an integral part of our lives and it is unimaginable to think of a digital sphere without smart gadgets.


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