Android Application Development

Android Application Development

Android applications reach a majority of mobile users across the world. There are around 800 million android users globally. Imagine reaching out to such a vast customer base by creating one result-oriented Android app for your business. At Nestweaver, our mobile app development team can help you by creating a customized app that works amazingly for your business.

How Nestweaver builds successful Android apps?

Understanding the client

We first sit with you to understand your business, it’s goals and target audience. We frame a non-technical plan of the details required to build the app to get the desired results.

Technical planning

Plan of action to be followed in the process of creating the app is charted out. It contains the software and hardware requirements, and, deadlines to complete each stage. The plan is shared with you and you are kept in the loop so you could give us any feedback or changes. Our mobility management experts monitors every actions performing in the technical stage.

Product development

Real-time product building begins. Android development methodology that is suitable to the project is used. Changes are made after receving your feedback and app is tested to churn out bugs.


Your Android app is ready for beta test and is hosted on markets and app stores. Now it can be downloaded by your users.


Change is what keeps every business going. New features are added with time, upgradations are made and improvements are made to make it more user-friendly as per your user needs. Maintenance and support ensures that your best Android app developed gives you the best value for money regardless of the period of time passed by.

Why consider Nestweaver for Android app development?

  • Creating quality-driven app suited for your business
  • Customer satisfaction is top priority
  • Competitive pricing for expert service
  • Dedicated team support
  • Expert developers that are updated with latest tools


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